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Corduroy Wedge Pillow Triangular Reading Pillow Large Bolster Headboard Backrest Positioning Support Wedge Pillow For Day Bed Bunk Bed With Removable


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Bed Wedge Bolster Headboard Backrest Pillow

This comfortable long & large bed rest reading wedge pillow can not only be used for home decoration but also an ergonomic multipurpose oversized triangular reading pillow. This soft bedside upholstered pad can provide you with multifunctional support, allowing you to enjoy leisure time easily and happily. As a unique party, birthday or holiday gift. This reading pillow will be a big surprise.

Other Applicable Areas

Headboard pillow for bunk bed

It’s amazing to put this back support cushion on the student’s dormitory bed! Children can sit up in bed and do some reading, paper & computer working & studying. This pillow can provide support and comfort. Conventional sleeping pillows, backrests or reading pillows with arms cannot do this. This gives an amazing back support while still remaining comfortable, and it can be enough stable as the headboard of the dormitory bed. This also applies to daybeds, platform beds, bunk beds, etc. It is really an ideal gift for the back to school season!

Backrest for a floor couch

It’s perfect to make a floor couch with this back support lumbar cushion on a foldable mattress for every living room.You can sit on the floor couch and lean on this soft and comfortable backrest pillow while reading a book or surfing the internet, it will definately make you relaxed.

Reading pillow for playroom or classroom

It is perfect to put this high-quality, comfortable reading pillow in the reading corner of the classroom or game room. Not only can add new colors, but also provide multiple guarantees for the safety of children. Children also like to lie down on the pillows to read books and play games. This is a good place for children to study and read.

Relax back pillow for Porch swing bed

If there’s one thing summer is synonymous with, it’s spending a lot of time relaxing on your porch swing. This long triangular back rest pillow is no doubt a wonderful company with the porch swing. It can provide comfortable softness for your back and also looks great as your newest piece of swing decor. It’s a wonderful time to sit down, relax and enjoy your new wedge cushion.

Multi-function headboard wedge pillow

Bloster backrest pillow

Office workers, drivers, etc., because of sedentary neck and frequent back pain, have this reading pillow, which can keep you in a semi-upright posture when reading on the bed or sofa, surfing or watching TV, perfect support for Have a relaxing time and help you correct your posture.

Rehabilitation positioning pillow

This is a very good positioning pillow for those people or patients who have knee pain, back pain, varicose veins, puffiness,acid reflux,snoring people … or recover from surgery. This Post Surgery Pillow is high enough to support your head and allow you to sit upright. It’s stiff enough to support your weight without collapsing, but it’s still comfortable. It helps you maintain your ideal posture, which is very convenient and practical.
This is the Perfect Gift for your loved ones who need an elevated sleep position, are recovering after surgery, or enjoy reading in bed!

Pregnant and nursing pillow

During pregnancy, the waist needs strong protection to prevent sedentary fatigue, which is a very good gift. During breastfeeding, this can also help you feed your baby, relieve waist pressure, reduce arm weight, correct sitting posture, and feed comfortably.

Gamer pillow

When children are playing video games on the bed or sofa, do adults always worry their poor sitting posture will affect the healthy development of their bones? And this pillow can provide scientific support to eliminate your troubles.

Great Supportive Rest Pillow

This supportive pillow is very suitable for sitting on the bed, playing with a mobile phone or using a computer. You can also put it under your stomach like the model in the picture. The pillow can provide you with soft support, which is particularly comfortable and relaxing. It is absolutely an outstanding companion when you need some rest.

Incline relax Cushion

Bed wedge pillows can provide an angle near 30 °or 60 °. Sleeping at an inclined angle with a wedge pillow on mattress can reduce snoring, acid reflux, breathing issues, relieve neck / back pain, release pressure on the back muscles and more. It is a perfect sleep wedge choice and promotes more comfortable & healthy night sleep. Works perfectly for watching television on the floor or reading in bed.

Leg Elevation pillow

The design can help with digestion by posturing the torso correctly to produce a positive anti-reflux position. It can also keep your legs elevated for simple relaxation or relief the pain if you have undergone surgery or an injury.

Back Rest Reading Pillow

Keeps your spine straight and relieve pressure off your back and neck, makes breathing easier and reduce snoring, helps to improve blood circution and promotes a healthy posture.

High-quality Corduroy Fabric

Our team carefully selected the high-quality corduroy fabric. The fabric texture feels soft, the horizontal stripes are very three-dimensional, with strong breathability and comfortable to touch.

Qualified Zipper

Metal zipper end, firm and durable.

Removable pillow cover

The product adopts a movable button design and you can easily unloop the buttons, fixed on the pillow inner, from buttonholes sewn on the pillow cover and then remove the cover for machine washing purposes.

Convenient side pocke

When you lean on, you can put your glasses, mobile phone, remote control and whatnot in the pockets on one or two sides of the pillow, which is very convenient.

Weight 3.46 kg
Dimensions 1372 × 203 × 508 cm

Full54x20x8in, King76x20x8in, Twin39x20x8in, Queen 59x20x8in, California King 71x20x8in


Sky Blue, Gray, Light Jean Blue, Purple, Rusty Orange, Coffee, Red, Deep Blue


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